We recently purchased a new home from Grove Development. People call out "I love your house" as they walk their dogs around the block. The experience has been a delight from start to finish. Our home is beautifully designed, well constructed and impeccably finished. The entire work team painters, tile guys, cabinet crew were pleasant and professional. The job was finished ahead of schedule. They responded to any requests promptly and politely.

While it was wonderful to move into a beautiful, well built home, it was equally satisfying to realize that Grove Development established and maintained a great relationship with our neighbors during the building process.

We held a neighborhood open house soon after we moved in, expecting to hear horror stories from irrated neighbors. Instead we heard that the builder was considerate throughout the construction period. People used words like "amazingly polite", "the cleanest build site I've ever seen" and "What a nice guy" to describe their experience. We highly recommend Grove Development for anyone looking to build in the Portland metropolitan area.

Jim and Jane Guyn, SouthWest Portland OR